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Output Transformer coupled

Inputs 1x RCA + 1x XLR

Outputs 1x XLR

Gain at 1kHz 
Direct - Low: 45dB

Direct - High: 60dB
Step-up low: 65dB
Step-up high: 80dB

Signal to noise ratio
Direct - low: 73dB

Direct - high: 76dB
Step-up low: 86dB
Step-up high: 93dB

Cartridge loading
Resistance (ohms): Selectable from 100 to 47k
Capacitance (pf): Selectable from 0 to 1000

Tube Complement 4x 6922, 4x 6C45, 2x 6SN7

Absolute Polarity Switchable

Power supply energy storage 200 joules

Power consumption 150 VA

Dimensions 19" x 5.75" x 15.5"

Weight 40lb.